About us

CMI Defence America, Inc. specializes in the design, development and production of lethality solutions for light and medium weight armored vehicles. These solutions are specifically designed to fulfil the US Army’s requirements in terms of firepower, precision and weight. Their designs are based on the Cockerill® Weapon Systems developed by its parent company CMI Defence. The Cockerill® gun-turrets are qualified and currently in production. They have been delivered to several customers across the world.

CMI Defence America is incorporated in Delaware in  January  2017. It currently has offices in Sterling Heights MI, Washington PA and Phoenix AZ. CMI Defence’s team has been working since the Fall of 2015 on lethality solutions specifically dedicated to the US Army. Their work began with the down-selection of CMI Defence to participate in a CRADA with US Army ARDEC to develop and mature the Next Generation Medium Caliber Armament System (MCAS). CMI Defence delivered, to ARDEC, in September 2017 an industrialized MCAS Turret, built on our existing assembly line, 9 months from the start of work. The XM813 30mm cannon, the Ammunition Handling System and the ARDEC situational based fire control system were integrated in the Fall and early winter of 2017. This full weapon system was then integrated on a STRYKER chassis to undergo testing, achieving TRL Level 7 of the Armament System.

In parallel, CMI Defence has teamed with SAIC and ST Engineering to participate in the US Army’s Mobile Protected Firepower program. Together, we have made a proposal including a dedicated variant of CMI Defence’s 105mm gun-turret. Called the Cockerill® 3105 MPF, this lethality solution offers a high level of reliability and a low level of risk due to the mature and qualified status of its parent, the Cockerill® 3105.

Besides these engineering and commercial activities, CMI Defence America Inc. is currently developing an American supply chain as well as American production facilities. All these efforts are aiming at the realization of our ambition: CMI Defence America is committed in becoming a trusted partner of both the US Army and the US Government, in order to provide best-in-class firepower systems to the US Army present and future war fighter.