About us

Incorporated in Delaware in January 2017 and headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan, CMI Defence America continues to develop its American supply chain and remains committed to establishing a US production facility. CMI Defence America has a singular focus: be the US military’s trusted partner for best-in-class integrated combat vehicle turret solutions.

CMI Defence America specializes in development, design and production of integrated combat vehicle turret solutions for armored vehicles.  CMI Defence America solutions are designed to meet US Army requirements and based upon qualified, in production, and delivered Cockerill® Weapon Systems, developed by our Belgian parent company, John Cockerill Defense. The Cockerill® brand multifunctional high-effect turrets, in the 25 mm - 120 mm range, offer best-in-class firepower systems to the current and future force.

In 2017, Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Armaments Center selected CMI Defence America to partner in the next generation Medium Caliber Armament System (MCAS) Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA). CMI Defence America provided turret with XM813 30mm cannon and integrated subsystems for the CCDC designed Situational Based Fire Control System testing in the fall of 2017. The CMI Defence America MCAS turret performed flawlessly, providing CCDC with test data for over 5000 rounds of 30mm ammunition, including MK310 Programmable Air Burst Munition. 

Customers benefit from the cutting-edge expertise of the CMI Defence America/John Cockerill Defense teams in software, ballistic and mechatronic engineering, and simulations - all from very close proximity to end users. The Cockerill® systems are truly modular and designed to be affordably upgraded to maintain overmatch in the future operational environment. The very embodiment of the Cockerill® brand, CMI Defence America combat systems are lightweight, provide highly effective fire power and guarantee performance, mobility and crew protection.