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Cockerill® Weapon Systems: from 25 to 120 mm

CMI Defence America Inc. offers US variants of CMI Defence’s lethality solutions. These cover the full range from 25 to 120 mm calibers.

Embodying the essence of the Cockerill® brand, CMI Defence lethality solutions combine great firepower, precision and light weight, guaranteeing performance and protection on the one hand and air transportability on the other hand. They are modular and designed to evolve at moderate cost according to the needs of their users.

Turrets and 105 guns in production

CMI Defence is currently producing in its European facilities a large quantity of Cockerill® 3030 Manned and Unmanned turrets, Cockerill® 3105 turrets and Cockerill® 105 guns (CMI Defence 105mm Direct Fire Gun). More than 200 units have already been produced in the last 18 months.

These “HOT” production lines allow CMI Defence to rapidly respond to the NDI aspect of the current US programs.