The Next Generation Medium Caliber Armament System

The Cockerill® 3030 CRADA weapon system is designed within the framework of a CRADA with US Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC). This turret is intended to become the Next Generation Medium Caliber Armament System (MCAS) of the US Army.

Since CMI Defence’s down-selection for its CRADA at the end of 2015, extensive work has been carried out. This enabled CMI Defence to deliver a first 30mm industrialized turret in 2017, which has already undergone numerous tests, including live firings. This turret is the result of a two years effort based on CMI Defence’s design, development and prototyping capabilities, deriving both from its experience in the design of the multi-cannon Cockerill® 3000 Series and from its ability to understand the needs of its customers.

This CRADA will be used to inform the requirements of multiple current and future US Government Medium and Large Caliber programs.
The Cockerill® 3030 CRADA is thus the American variant of the Cockerill® 3030, of which a large number are currently being produced in CMI Defence’s European workshops, within the frame of a major armament program.


Main characteristics

  • Designed for the modern battlefield
  • Based on existing and in-production design
  • Provides superior performance in Stability Operations
  • Provides unprecedented access and protection in an unmanned turret
  • 2nd Gen FLIR Capable