Superior performance provided to the crew on the modern battle field

To meet US Army’s needs related to the Mobile Protected Firepower Program, CMI Defence America Inc. is offering a dedicated variant of CMI Defence’s 105mm gun-turret. Called the Cockerill® 3105 MPF, this lethality solution offers a low level of risk due to the mature and qualified status of its parent, the Cockerill® 3105.

This modern designed turret offers many advantages and features that will definitely empower the American war-fighter of today, with protection, precision and firepower in order for him/her to fulfil their mission. 
Large quantities of the Cockerill® 3105 turrets and of the Cockerill® 105 gun (CMI Defence 105mm Direct Fire Gun) are currently being produced and delivered within the frame of a major armament program. Having such “HOT” production lines allows CMI Defence to rapidly respond to the NDI aspect of the MPF program.

For the record, the Cockerill® 3105 MPF constitutes CMI Defence’s contribution in the joint offer made with SAIC and ST Engineering, SAIC acting as the prime contractor and ST Engineering as the chassis provider.

Main characteristics

  • Capability as an Infantry Support Weapon, firing all NATO Standard Ammunition
  • Manned by a two man crew
  • Highly reliable autoloader
  • Autoloader reloading under armor
  • Modern capabilities
    • Hunter killer mission profiles
    • Integrated coax machine gun
    • Capability to integrate multiple sights from multiple manufacturers
    • Designed around current soldier HFE restrictions
    • Electric drives
    • Compartmentalized ammo storage
    • Precision fire control system
    • Intuitive Man Machine Interface
    • High probability of hit by the crew
    • “Steel on Target”