CPWS Gen.2 : the new multi-role, lightweight and protected turret

The CPWS Generation 2 is an innovative protected, light and multi-role turret responding to the evolution of the operational requirements of the world’s armed forces.

The Cockerill® Protected Weapon Station (CPWS) Gen. 2 is remotely operated from the vehicle on which it is integrated. It allows for reloading under armor and, given its lightweight, it can be integrated on all types of 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 and tracked chassis. It has the ability to integrate different main weapons, depending on the mission to be fulfilled. In particular, it is designed to accommodate M242 25mm caliber guns and M230LF 30mm caliber guns.

Its unique configurable hatch gives it the ability to adopt four configurations, depending on the mission profile.

  • Fully closed hatch: allows the crew to operate in a hostile environment with a maximum level of protection; 
  • Elevated hatch: allows the crew to perform 360° direct observation manoeuvers and, if necessary, allows for the use of individual weapons;
  • Large Open Hatch: allows the crew to evacuate the system quickly and securely;
  • Removed Hatch: allows the crew to patrol in an exposed position, ideally for operations other than war.